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Are you ready to grow your medical practice?

Take advantage of the ripe opportunities present in Australia’s growing healthcare industry. Doctors&Co has successfully invested in more than 34 healthcare practices. We want to enhance the quality and accessibility of healthcare services across Australia. We want to help take your practice to the next level.

About Us

Doctors&Co is a healthcare investment company looking to establish and acquire medical practices. We understand the industry and work in partnership with doctors to help practices to grow and prosper.

We are here for your practice

We have over 10 years’ experience in the industry and proven methods for optimising medical centres. We make it easier for doctors to focus on providing quality care to their patients by:

  • Building Partnerships
  • Overseeing practice management and staffing
  • Facilitating compliance and accreditation
  • Optimising billing Providing financial management for practices and doctors

Why invest
with us?

Doctors&Co provides you with the opportunity to grow your practice, benefit from our proven management strategies and be a part of the future of healthcare in Australia. We embrace developments in the industry and stay ahead of the game.

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Our Investment Strategy

We invest in both new and established practices:


The Doctors&Co development program is designed to establish practices with customised healthcare facilities that exceed client expectations.


We acquire existing practices giving practitioners the chance to innovate and grow their business and offer more to their patients, while retaining their local brand and unique identity.

Under this model, Doctors&Co gives you the opportunity to:

Relinquish practice management stress

Become a part of our innovative and supportive group

Be a part of the future of healthcare in Australia

Benefit from investing with Doctors&Co:

Improved facility functionality, efficiency and amenities

Increasing return on floorspace

Minimised cost and schedule overruns

Co-location with allied health and other practitioners

Enhanced liquidity

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Our Investment Strategy

Doctors&Co provides the support practitioners need to establish or grow their practice while achieving a rewarding career and work-life balance be it in a general practice, dental or specialist centre.

General Practices

As part of Doctors&Co, your practice can become a leader in your local community and meet all of your patients’ needs. We offer well-designed spaces with cutting-edge facilities and equipment and a range of healthcare services at one site.

Dental Clinics

We work hand in hand with dental practitioners to build and invest in dental clinics in both established and growing communities. We provide facilities, general set-up and staff training to ensure that clinics respond to the specific needs of their community, encouraging patients to return time and time again.

Specialist Centres

Part of our commitment is to establish specialist centres matching the needs of the relevant demographic. We connect specialists with the right practices and communities. We are passionate about making quality healthcare more accessible to rural and newly established communities where there is a gap in specialised services.

We stand with you to grow your practice.

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Fill your practice with a team of staff who take pride in their work and bring a variety of strengths to the table. Our innovative approach to recruitment involves attracting and retaining high-quality talent to create a positive and productive working environment.


Achieve a sleek, modern practice environment that makes patients feel at ease and ticks all the right boxes when it comes to functionality. Our team of interior designers and construction experts will take care of the whole process; from design through to installation.

Legal and Acquisitions

Let us take care of the complexities that come with handling legal matters and acquisitions. We can oversee everything from the paperwork, processes, and negotiations to contracts, reporting, and more.


Continue providing first-class medical treatment and clinical care thanks to a foundation of strong financial management. Our experts can handle everything from accounts, systems and payroll to strategic decision-making, reporting and auditing.

IT Infrastructure

Enjoy cost-effective, on-going IT support and task management solutions facilitated by our team’s deep understanding of medical software and data-compliant backup solutions as well as our integrated human resources platform.

Operations Manager

Optimise and streamline your organisation with the help of an operations manager. The person in this pivotal leadership role can help analyse existing processes to improve quality, productivity and efficiency across your practice.

marketing Manager

Leverage our dedicated strategic marketing services to drive consistent growth for your practice. We can help build and nurture long-lasting customer relationships while cementing your practice’s reputation as a leader within the industry.

Business Development Manager

Don’t let the inevitable rigmarole of day-to-day operations distract you from the bigger picture. We can assist with developing clear business growth strategies to get your medical practice on the road to thriving health.

Doctors, Nurses, and Health Support Staff

Enable doctors to focus on caring for their patients by providing them with a dedicated support team. We train support staff to implement changes to clinical processes and service delivery that help systemise the practice, minimise paperwork and save time.

Human Resource Manager

Take the hassle out of team management. We can handle everything from recruitment, culture optimisation and coordination activities to personnel policies, team assessments and training.

Practice Manager

Allow your Practice Manager to work on your business rather than in your business by removing them from administrative issues and empowering them to make strategic decisions.