Dr. Basel Ayoub

Medical Director - NSW

Dr Basel Ayoub is a medical practitioner who specialises in family medicine. His passion is to always grow and have a positive change to general practice in Australia. Dr Basel is known for strong focus on patient’s health outcomes. He obtained his medical degree (MD) from Czech Republic, specialising in ophthalmology and facial traumas, then moved to New Zealand and Australia to obtain further qualifications in toxicology and emergency medicine. This has enriched his experience to further specialise in family medicine to obtain the FRACGP in 2008. Dr Basel worked in both rural and metropolitan areas in both Victoria and NSW. During this period he became the main liaison officer for Aboriginal health through Marumali health for the south western areas in Sydney between 2010 and 2015. Then became the director of clinical services in both AYA Family Healthcare and Vincentia Bay Medical clinics from 2015 till current date. He is currently a supervisor with GP Synergy and a senior examiner for the FRACGP clinical exams in Sydney, NSW. Dr Basel’s journey and passion for general practice is never ending and always looking for new endeavours to further enrich his clinical experience and help junior doctors to achieve their goals.

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